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Real-Estate-Loans1As Discounted Note Professionals, our team of experts are compassionate, experienced, and dedicated individuals focused on providing the best outcome for all parties involved in our Real Estate dealings. Simply put, we are always seeking the most beneficial transaction for our clients and our business collectively. We understand that it takes an entire team to make a Real Estate transaction successful and as stress-free as possible. Paying it forward is a key objective for our team… Let us provide you with the highest level of respect and efficiency in your next Real Estate transaction.

As  contrarian financial investment educators, we focus on teaching our clients how to utilize a different approach to putting your ‘hard-earned dollars to work’. In today’s financial environment, it is important that individuals understand that simply leaving your financial outcome for someone else to completely control is disadvantageous. While we still believe in letting an expert conduct specific steps in your financial game plan, you still should be in control of the overall process and timelines.

Financial Investing is not extremely difficult but it does take basic knowledge of the specific investment tool that you are using. Our training focuses on unique Investment Vehicles that most individuals are not aware of or basically overlooked. These contrarian investments produce more consistent and higher returns without significant risk. If you want to shorten your investment goals timeline, you must take more control of how your “money” is put to work…


Listen to this exclusive radio interview featuring the man behind the mission, Manny Gathers.

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